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Way More

website & branding

Fresh | Clean | Professional | Creative | Functional

Way More is a life coaching business run by two amazing women: Francesca & Francesca.

They were ready to press ‘delete’ button on their old ‘messy’ website and create branding and site from scratch.

They asked for the website that was “clean & crispy, with touches of exotic creativity. A bit high end, a little fun and ultimately professional”. 

During our weekly calls, we agreed on colours, style, layouts and general look and feel of the website. They provided copy and photos, my job was to bring their vision to life. 

The final result is a site that is fresh, crisp and looks professional without being stiff and boring. 


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Francesca Farina, Way More



Decorative elements

Brand colors

Dark navy & ivory white

Used for most texts and backgrounds, less harsh than pure black and white.

Dark green

To match the tropical elements on the site. Symbolises stability and growth.

Bright yellow

Helps text to ‘pop’, symbolises energy, creativity, happiness and opportunity.

Powder pink

Adds touch of colour without overwhelming the design.

Check out Way More website here

350 5th Ave, Floor 64,
Austin, TX, 78718

+123 456 7896