Puro Perro

Professional | Functional | Calm | Breezy

When I sat down with Linda, owner of Puro Perro, to discuss her branding and website, the first thing she told me was “I have no idea what I want!”.

Enters my Brand Discovery Questionnaire – series of questions that helped Linda to get to the bottom of what it was that she wanted and needed from her new site. This was followed up by a call where we discussed her answers in more detail and brainstormed new ideas on how to make her online presence truly outstanding.

In the end, Linda asked for the site that had a calm, breezy feeling but also looked professional and provided clear information about her services to the potential clients.

Not long after the site went live, she sent me a message: “I got a new client who said she chose me because my website was the most professional shoot ever seen!”. Yay!


“My website was not amazing… now it is! If you are looking for someone to help energize or completely overhaul (as was my case) your website I cannot recommend Dominika enough. Professional, thoughtful, creative, punctual, and stylistic! ”

Linda Lyon, Puro Perro

Brand moodboard

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